AFS Federhenn Maschinen GmbH produces machines and is a competent and reliable supplier of high -quality installations for effective window production. Over the years the delivery program has been constantly expanded and perfected. The development stages range from the assembly turntable to glazing presses, sashes-stopping stations and the profile center to the fully-automatic fitting stations on frames and leafs, as well as automatic transport- und buffer systems. Profile processing-centers complement to product program.
With the integration of the company Hollinger Maschinen GmbH, a producer of welding- and cleaning machines of superior quality, the delivery porgram is complete and suitable for any company size.

Our company in Kirchberg

In our new plant in Kirchberg will be exclusively only mounted. It provide lots of natural light and warm colors for a friendly working atmosphere. Due to the generous schedule line of our new building in two aisles, in the first is being the mounting, which is organized so that quasi for certain assemblies a band- or series production can be realized, while in the second aisle machines or large facilities can be configured for window production so that the customer can made a pre-acceptance before delivery of their machines.

Our company in Simmern

In our factory in Simmern remains the cutting production with the operations of milling and welding, as well as mechanical manufacturing, sheet metal processing and painting.