Thinking on the whole – Deciding in detail
- according to this philosophy we have always advised our customers. Especially in the window making industry, with its exceptional variety and complexity of each individual product, small adjustments have different effects on the entire production process.
It is not at all sufficient, to just make solid machines. Planning the production process as a cohesive concept enables us to take the right decision for the detailed and precise construction of a single machine, or an entire product line.
The consistent and continuous incorporation of this philosophy into our production process is the strength of AFS Federhenn, for the ultimate benefit of you – our customers.
You can profit as well from 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of machines and systems for the window production. Starting from materials inflow to the shipping of finished goods - customized cutting, profile processing, welding and corner cleaning, processing of sashes and frames or integrating the glass and commissioning of the products. Moreover, you are not buying a machine from us but a solution, specifically tailored to your needs. This is valid for small – and medium sized companies, as well as for large industrial corporations.

AFS Federhenn Maschinen GmbH
The name stands for:
• Quality engineering
• Customized solutions
• Excellent skills
• Outstanding service