1971 Establishment of the company FEDERHENN by Hartmut Federhenn
1972 Implementation of the product group WORKER for the rationalization of the window production
1981 Invention of the Sashes-Stopping Station for the screwing together of DK-fittings
1988 Set up of the first completely automated transport- and buffer system in the window production worldwide.
1990 Handover of the company Federhenn to the Claassen Maschinen GmbH
1993 Development and production of the profile center for the complete processing of the reinforced PVC-profile bar.
1994 The Claassen Maschinen GmbH additionally acquires the Fa. Torsten Schirmer GmbH
1999 The companies Schirmer and Federhenn are integrated in a holding.
1999 The develpoment and production of the bar processing center SBZ 100-G.
2000 The development and production of the cutting machine ZA 550 for PVC profiles
2003 Federhenn buys out of the holding – the AFS Federhenn Maschinen GmbH is established.
2007 The AFS Federhenn Maschinen GmbH becomes the main owner of the Hollinger Maschinen GmbH
2008 Development and production of the processing- and sawing machine BSA 160/ BSA 200/ BSA 240 for PVC profiles.
2009 Integration of the processing- and sawing machine BSA with the bar processing center SBZ with a stroke-independent cross conveyor magazine
2010 Development and production of fully automated 4-side-hardware-screwing machine FB SA 400/P4 for tilt and turn sashes, as well as the cutting machine ZAS 550 for special profiles
2011 Development and production of automatic glass conveying, buffering and sorting
2012 Introduction of the fully automated glass insertion using robotic technology
2016 Takeover of the company AFS Federhenn Maschinen GmbH