Assembly tilt-, pivot- and lifting table (PDF)

Operating range:
Universally usable assembly table in the leaf-and frame production.

Technical edition, standard:
• Width B= adjustable from 1000 to 1600 mm
• Depth T= adjustable from 1200 to1900 mm
• Table height: H= from 900 to 1300 mm, pneumatically adjustable
• Table top of 7 to 90 degree pneumatically tilt able
• Table top 360 degree- turnable with pneumatic fixing installation
• Table top: rubber- hollow profile

Additional equipment:
• Stop part for sashes stop
• Upper pull extension, T = till 2400 mm
• Two-rail chassis with brake
• Molded parts for table width of 2000 mm extendable
• Fixed roller
• Tilting installation with 2 part tilt cylinders

• Mode of shipment: assembled
• Weight: app. 80 kg

Assembly turn-lifting table 45.02V001
Assembly tiltable turntable 45.02V002
Assembly tiltable table 45.02V003
Assembly tiltable-turn-lifting table 45.02V004
Assembly tiltable-lifting table 45.02V006
Stop part for sashes stop 45.02K002
Upper pull extension T till 2400 mm 45.02B021
Two-rail chassis with brakes 36.06K007
Two-sided rail 99.00K001